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Cats Know How We Are Feeling - States Owners Survey


New survey reveals that UK’s 8 million cat owners believe their cat understands what they are saying when they speak

Almost half think their perfect pet understands their feelings and 1 in 5 think they can look into their soul

Britain’s cat crazy pet owners are convinced their feline friends can understand what they are feeling and even what they are saying, according to a new report. The survey of 2,000 British cat owners examined the pet-owner bond and revealed that almost half of UK cat owners (45 %) are convinced their cat can pick up on their feelings.

Even more (47%) think ‘Tiddles’ can understand what they mean when they chat to their cat and over 1 in 5 believe their cat can look into their soul!

The study also looked at pet owners behavior when it comes to understanding cat health. The results showed almost half of cat owners (45 per cent) can’t tell if their cat is sick, with 65 per cent still believing their pet has nine lives! A further 27 per cent say they rely on ‘Dr. Google’ as their main source of pet health advice.

The Instinctively Close report, commissioned by Bayer who produce Advantage flea treatment, includes advice from leading feline specialist vet Dr Sam Taylor. 

Dr Taylor advises that cats are complex when it comes to understanding their health as they are programmed by evolution to mask the signs of illness. He adds: “People often ask me what drives their cats more curious behaviours. Cats natural instincts, whilst part of their independent nature and charm, can often leave them vulnerable. For example, cats naturally hide any indication of being sick or unwell, such as parasite infestations, as a defence mechanism so they aren’t portrayed as weak or vulnerable in the wild.”

The research also explored feline flea confessions from owners including how 49% of cat owners have been bitten or seen fleas in their home, how 41% of owners admit their cat has had fleas in the last year, how only 16% of cat owners admit they wait to see a flea on their pet before treating them for fleas and finally that despite this, 40% of owners do not use a preventative product on their cat. 

Dr Taylor warns that, as is the case with flea infestations, parasites can lay dormant in a household for months before finding a suitable host and that 95 per cent of the flea population is in the surrounding area and not on the pet, unbeknown to home owners.

The good news is that pet owners can take out all the guesswork and ensure cats are protected from fleas, no matter what mischief they get themselves into, by using a simple veterinary grade flea treatment such as Advantage which, when used regularly, helps protect the pet, family and home.